Fritzie Fresh Logo


     Joe and Elizabeth Fritz founded Fritzie Fresh in 1940. The business was started in their home and shortly thereafter Childhood Treats were being packed in a little red schoolhouse. Soon Fritzie Fresh expanded its product line to include baking nuts, salted nuts, trail mixes and seasonal candy.

     It is with great pride that I, along with all of the hard working creative people at Fritzie Fresh, I am so happy to announce that Fritzie Fresh has developed a new package embracing past successes and challenging the future. Throughout the development of the new package, key themes took form within the core beliefs of the Fritzie Fresh. They include: history, family, community, fun, wholesomeness, people, generosity, and sharing.

     Please feel proud to purchase and enjoy quality Fritzie Fresh products that family and friends can generously share. Customers will keep coming back for more, again and again, because Fritzie Fresh products taste so good.

     Made to enjoy ... packaged to share.

Doug Foster